Helpful Article for Daycare Parents

The following are articles and information of interest to parents or guardians of daycare aged children. Topics range from tips on finding the quality daycare to child psychology related to daycare. Please let us know what you think of these articles or if you have information of interest.

How to Choose Child Care

Choosing a child care arrangement for your child is an important responsibility. It takes time, planning and patience to find the right caregiver – but it is worth the effort. This guide describes the range of child care choices available to parents, provides some guidelines to help you decide on the child care arrangement that’s best for your family, and outlines the subsidies in BC available to help parents pay for child care. … read more.

Canadian Childcare Subsidy Programs for Families

Although Canada does not have a universal daycare subsidy program, each province and territory, aside from Quebec, is set up to help some families subsidize the costs associated with childcare… read more.

Types of Childcare in Canada

The main types of childcare in Canada include: daycare, pre-school, after school care, infant and toddler care, and Montessori… read more.

5 Playtime Ideas that will boost your Toddlers Development

Playing fun, easy, and interactive games with your toddler is one of the best ways to promote healthy development. We here at understand this and have compiled a few easy, low-cost activities designed to enhance parent-toddler playtime… read more.

5 Simple Playtime Ideas to Stimulate Child Development in the First Year

If you're looking for fun and easy playful ideas designed to enhance your baby's development look no further! We have compiled a few simple activities that will help you make the most of your baby's playtime!… read more.

Child Developmental Facts and Phases

Researching ‘normative’, or normal, stages of child development can be a daunting and overwhelming task for even the most seasoned child care veteran or parent. It is not uncommon to find Child Development literature infused with phrases, like “normal behavior”, “delayed functioning”, “critical periods” and “patterns of attachment”, that leave some parents/guardians and caregivers confused and concerned about their child’s developmental progression… read more.

Childcare amoung Top 5 Priorities of PM

On the Fourth of April 2006 Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced five key priorities Canada’s new government has pledged to address over the coming weeks and months. Among these five was Child Care… read more.