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Best Value Package

When parents view your listing on Daycare Canada Online, we want to give them the best impression and as much information about your services to make their initial decision to investigate further. The Best Value package provides the ideal format for reaching these goals.

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Stand out on the map!

Have you tried our childcare mapping service? Have you noticed that some points on the map are different (larger/smaller and different colors)? This is intentional on our part to attract parents to childcare providers that provide the most information about their services and are serious about giving a good first impression. As a “Best Value” subscriber, if your listing is on a map, parents will be drawn to your listing because your childcare facility will be plotted with an attractive map point like this:

Map point that attracts parents… makes sense to me… sign up for Best Value Package now!

Top of the list!

We have discovered that parent love to use our mapping service – it is the easiest way for them to find childcare close to them. When parents search using our mapping service, they not only get childcare facilities plotted on a map, they are also provided with a list of childcare providers in their neighborhood (see left side of map). Since our goal is to give parents as much information to allow them to make the best childcare decision, the “Best Value” packages are placed at the top of the list. Our studies have shown that parents investigate these listings first – thus giving “Best Value” providers the best exposure.

Top of the list sounds good to me… sign up for Best Value Package now!

Impress parents!

Have you ever heard the expression: “You never get a second chance to make a first impression”? As overused as this expression is, there is truth to it. Daycare Canada Online listings are most-likely the first impression a parent will get about your services… it could also be the last if they don’t see what they are looking for. With the “Best Value” package, child care providers are able to provide a custom content that make them give the best impression and standout from their competition.

Best Value childcare providers provide parents with not only basic contact information, but they will see:
> A custom description of your services
> The age range of children that you are willing to provide service
> The total spaces in your childcare facility
> The number available spaces in your childcare facility
> A website address for additional information about your services (if applicable)
> Your hours of operation
> Professionally formatted pictures

All of this without having to know a lick of building web pages.

Lots of information is good… sign up for Best Value Package now!

No Advertising on listing

Have you ever been to a web site that is smeared with annoying banner ads and advertising? These ads confuse the visitor and make it very difficult to find desired information. Everyone wants to avoid these sites! At Daycare Canada Online, we do not want to become one of these sites – we would rather provide parents with a good experience when they come to our site and providers the best impression possible for their services. This is why we have banned advertisements on “Best Value” subscribers’ listings.

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Do the math: costs less then a Starbucks Coffee!

Our goal is to give childcare providers with tightest budget an opportunity to compete with larger childcare facilities by giving the best impression and maximum exposure of their childcare services. We are providing all these benefits for an introductory offer of $19.95/year… that’s less than $1.70/month!

Even I can afford that… sign up for Best Value Package now!

Basic Package

Well, we can’t say this package is going to give you the same caliber of exposure as a “Best Value” package, but at least it is free! If you are unable to justify the $1.67/month “Best Value” package and free service is what’s most important to you, then this package is for you! The following is what comes with the basic package:

Basic service listing

Parents will be able to see that you offer childcare services by virtue that you appear on our maps and listings. Your listing will have basic information: childcare name, address, and phone number... that’s it!

Here is a look at what a Basic Package point looks like on our maps:

We wish we could say more about this package, but nothing comes to mind…

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