Why you should list your childcare services with us today!

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Let’s start from the beginning

Here is a quick review: We both know that the people that are most-likely to subscribe to your childcare services are… Parents! Wow, there’s a big surprise:) Canadian childcare consumers have also been described as: hard-working, very busy, time starved, sleep deprived, Canadian Parents! This probably wasn’t new to you, but the following facts might be more interesting:
> Most Canadians, don’t make purchases online; instead they use the internet to investigate products and services before they visit the merchant to make a purchase
> Canadian households with a parent and children are the highest users of the Internet
> Parents with the demands of a family and an occupation have very little time… especially during regular business hours

I can see where this is going… read no further… just sign me up!

It’s a no-brainer

With the stated facts, it’s obvious why over 10,000 childcare providers (and growing daily) are using DaycareCanada.com to list their services for parents. Canadian parents are thrilled when they are able to do an initial screening of childcare providers at anytime of day or night, using their preferred method of research: the Internet. We have found that parents want to see if childcare providers can offer their basic needs: close proximity, vacancies, reputable service, and hours of operation… just to name a few, before they visit and make a decision!

I get it… just sign me up!

Own web page or Daycare Canada… or both?

Ok, so you are convinced from the irrefutable evidence that your childcare services need to be on the internet, but should you list with DaycareCanada.com, build your own web page, or both?

The great thing about Daycare Canada Online is that you don’t need to know anything about the web in order to get results. It can be very intimidating to learn basic HTML required to build a web site – we take care of all that so you can reap the benefits. All you need to fill out an online form and we will handle the rest.

But what if you do have the basic skills needed to build a website? If you decide to build your own web page - you are faced with the question: how will I be able to attract the “busy parent” to view it? Attracting web page visits is a FULL TIME JOB! Most-likely you don’t have time to do this. Daycare Canada Online specializes in attracting the “busy parent” by providing a cutting-edge service where they can quickly locate childcare providers in their area and view basic information about their services. We also provide a way for providers to showcase their own web page (if applicable) through a web site link on their listing. So, it is a win-win situation for providers with and without a web site of their own: Providers that don’t have a web page can easily create a listing that their target market will look at, and providers that already have a web page will benefit from both the DaycareCanada.com listing and the web traffic from DaycareCanada.com.

I get it, I get it… just sign me up!

But I don’t have any vacancies right now… should list my services on DaycareCanada.com?

Listing childcare services on Daycare Canada Online not only attracts parents to your services; it also helps manage your childcare businesses. A listing with good information will reduce the number of unproductive phone calls and visits. Unproductive calls and visits keep childcare providers from doing what they do best… providing child care! Whether you are a childcare provider looking to fill vacancies or wanting to minimize your administration costs by answering the most common questions – DaycareCanada.com is the best services to reaching your goals.

Vacancies, shmakeancies… just sign me up!

What else can we say?

If you are still not convinced that listing your services on Daycare Canada Online would be best for you – try reading our Frequently Asked Questions. If that still doesn’t convince you, please contact us and let us know what you are unclear about.

If you have missed the links to register your services with DaycareCanada.com… look no further, it is right here:

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